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To achieve our goals and to support every person working in this field, we need to build an active membership that will grow substantially over the next five years. Membership in our Association offers a range of benefits, including:

  1. Access to a global network of extended learning and development researchers, practitioners, and policymakers: Members can connect with professionals from around the world, share ideas, best practices, find colleagues and mentors, and collaborate on projects and initiatives that have local, national, and global impact.

  2. Opportunities for sharing research, reviewing, and publishing: Members will have opportunities to showcase their research, receive feedback from peers, and support for publishing their work in a variety of places, including the independent International Research on Extended Education Journal.

  3. Professional development resources: Over time, the new association will provide members with a variety of resources to support their professional development, including coaching, mentorship, and job search assistance, especially for junior members.

  4. Development of a website and regular communication vehicles, such as “Extensions,” the magazine of the Association to be launched in 2024: Connecting and communicating among members is critical to the success of the association.

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